Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Family Time

Last weekend we had EVERYONE home... if you are a parent of young adults with jobs, you may know the rarity of this! And when your eldest asks for the family to do something together your home-body self jumps and says "YES!" 
So we thought about what we could do and decided to use our "kids bowl free" passes and go bowling and then take a little hike around the Nature Center. 

Just in case you didn't know... the kids bowl free is great! You get two free games for each kid, BUT you have to rent shoes. So just know that if you are interested.
Also, here's the link! 
I feel a little guilty because all these years we have lived so close to the Nature Center, but I don't think we have ever visited. Such a shame... but we will rectify that, I have no doubt! 
We thoroughly enjoyed the short little trek we took Saturday evening. 

It was hot as blazes and SUPER humid... blech! But we had a great time!

It's always a thrill to be together with the whole family. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

A Day of Sunflowers

Yesterday we got a very, very special treat! I found out about this sunflower field within an hours drive from our house and took the kids and my mom on a little adventure!

It was far prettier than I could have imagined! I actually gasped when I saw the fields! My favorite flower (at least one of them, but probably my most favorite) in SUCH abundance! 
Yellow!!! Yellow!!! Yellow!!!

The farm allows you to go take pictures in the massive fields across the road from their home and then pick your own bouquet in the field behind their home. You get a big bucket and can fill the bucket for $15. It was such fun! 
I loved walking through the fields and seeing all the happy bees. I wanted to stay longer and take more pictures, but things didn't work out that way... it was ok though, because it was HOT... even though we got there at about 9:30 am!
I am so thankful for any time I get to be with my kids. They are growing up SO rapidly... every moment with them is a gift and I want to cherish that.
Speaking of growing up, Carlie just turned 14... it's crazy. 
Abe will be 13 next month! 
Also, if you look closely, there is a teeny green grasshopper on the sunflower he is standing next to!
My little Moma! Bless her, she's so little that I had to look hard for her in the field, the sunflowers were much taller than her! 

This little rascal was a hoot. There was SO much to see that he didn't want to stand still for pics! He wanted to explore! And then a little later he wanted to go to the car and turn the air on... cause he said it was TOO HOT! haha

I love the huge bouquet on my kitchen table! It's perfect!
What a wonderful trip! A beautiful blessing indeed! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Carlie's first dance

A few months back Carlie Jean went to her first dance! How did she go from my little dumplin to this beautiful grown up looking young lady? It seemed to happen overnight. 

That evening we were supposed to get some heavy storms and even a possible tornado. Not fun weather to be venturing out in, much less to be all dressed up and try to snag some pics!

Thankfully, the weather held off for just a little while and we were able to run up to the hang gliders jump point and get some great pictures with the looming storms in the background! 
Proud Dad! 

The theme of the dance was "Alice in Wonderland" and it was decorated so lovely! 
Carlie and her friends had a great time!

I was really impressed by the talent of those who decorated! Lot's of repurposed items but it was SO cute! 

Once we got the girls to the dance the bottom dropped out and it rained and rained! I had the privilege to wait on them while they danced the night away, I sat in my car and read books and listened to the radio. It was a good time for us all! I don't get a lot of alone time, so this was nice!

Those big roses were newspaper!

Such sweet girls! Having so much fun together! 

When they came outside after it was over they said... "I can't wait til next year!" and before they fell asleep for the drive home, I got to hear some of the funny incidents that happened. I love that my kids want to talk to me and share things with me. I hope they always want to do that.
They are growing up fast! That's for sure! 
And I'm going to do my best to enjoy every moment!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

AWANA 2017/2018 Awards Night

Each year we have a special celebration night when awards are given out to the AWANA kids and workers for their diligence through the year. It's always a joy to see the children.

I've worked in AWANA for many years now, in several different roles. This year I was the Game time director... it was a lot of fun because I got to be with each group of kids, not just one! 

Commander Rusty loves to give object lessons, so in true fashion he had one for us last night as well. The kids LOVE those... adults too!

My two babies are still in AWANA, but it makes me proud to say that my two older children are workers in AWANA. My heart is full. 
My Carlie Jean worked exceptionally hard this year and finished all her books and earned the "Meritorious Award"! 
That's a pretty big deal in AWANA and I am so proud of her dedication to learning God's word and excelling in her work.